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*Note: Please read all italicized technical words as if they were in a foreign language.

The fall semester of my senior year, I was having some serious self-confidence issues. I had slowly come to realize that I did not, in fact, want to become a researcher. Statistics pained me, and the seemingly endless and fruitless nature of research bored me. I was someone who was driven by results – tangible products with deadlines that, upon completion, had a binary state: success, or failure. Going into my senior year, this revelation was followed by another. All of my skills thus far had been cultivated for research. If I wasn’t going into research, I had… nothing.

At a liberal arts college, being a computer science major does not mean you are a “hacker”. It can mean something as simple as, you were shopping around different departments, saw a command line for the…

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Best Python IDEs

Hi there guys. It is becoming really difficult for me to continue writing quality posts. If anyone of you would like to guest post then feel free to contact me.

I get a lot of questions regarding the best IDE for Python so in this post I am going to list some of them for you so that you can stop asking and start working. Continue reading


How I satisfied a request from my friend with Python

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You may have wondered by now why the title is in that way. Yes, my friend requested me to do a task. What is the request and how I completed that will be known to you if you read this story.

The Story

Two days back my friend Sai Madhu is leaving to his home place from our office in Kochi, which is 700 miles away. He booked the train and should leave in the afternoon. He is very passionate about cricket. He never missed the score when the Indian cricket team is playing. On the same day there is an ODI match between England and  India. Because he doesn’t have a smartphone to access, in the train, he is crippled  to know the score. But he had a feature phone. He requested me to send the score as sms frequently, and I gave my word. I have lots of work…

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An intro to Deque module

Hi there folks. Recently I got to know about the Python deque module. It is a part of the collections library. It provides you with a double ended queue which means that you can append and delete elements from either side of the list. So without wasting any time lets begin. First of all you have to import the deque module from the collections library. This can be done by typing: Continue reading

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[Book review] Python 101

Hi guys. So I am trying to get up to speed with my blog because lately I have not been posting a lot and due to this my blog is becoming stagnant. In this post I am going to write a book review. My friend Mike from The Mouse Vs The Python Blog recently wrote a book with the name of Python 101. He is a really talented blogger and programmer and I was waiting anxiously to read his brand new book, Python 101. Continue reading


EuroPython 2014 and me

Hi guys! It’s been really long since I last posted on this blog. A lot has been happening to my life. I was a lot busy in these past days. I also got two job offers, although compelling but I still refused. However here I am, back to you guys. I would like to share a huge news with you. Guess what? I will be giving a presentation at EuroPython this year. Anyone of you who is going to come to EuroPython is invited to listen to my talk on 22nd July at 11’o clock. I will be speaking about Webscraping in Python.  Continue reading

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Misconceptions about Skype local database

Hi there guys. Recently I wrote an article with the name of “I didn’t know Skype stores your data in a local database without a password!. After publishing that article I got a lot of response from people like you and I came to know that it is not a vulnerability. It is so because the database is stored in the “appdata” directory which can only be accessed by the administrator which means that only an administrator account can open it. If you want someone else to use your computer just make a guest account which will restrict their level of access to the main directories only (this excludes the appdata directory). If you want to see your Skype logs then simply log in to your Skype account rather than going the complex way of accessing the local database.

However the tool (SkypeFreak) which I posted about in the previous post can be used as a post reconnaissance tool which means that if you hack into a computer then you can use the tool to access the Skype data without knowing the password.

At last I would like to apologize all of you about any misconceptions which my previous post might have made in your mind. You can safely discard those misconceptions as my mistake.

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