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I didn’t know Skype stores your data in a local database without a password!

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you are doing great. Recently I came to know that Skype (video conferencing software) stores a local database with almost all information of a user who has logged on to skype from that computer. You might be thinking “So what? A lot of apps do that, right?”. Yes you are right. This is mostly done to increase speed. It’s like caching Continue reading

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The Heartbleed bug

Hi guys! I haven’t been posting a lot recently. There are a couple of problems which have joined up and have kept me away from my computer. I will cover those reasons in the next post. So what this post is about?

Are you a sys-admin or a web master? If you are one then the chances are that you have already heard of the heartbleed bug. Continue reading

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[Giveaway] 3 copies of Tkinter GUI Application Development Hotshot

Win Free Copies of new book – Tkinter GUI Application Development Hotshot

Hi guys! Welcome back. As I recently told you that I will be holding a giveaway, the day has finally come. You will be pleased to know that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway of the new book that I have reviewed - Tkinter GUI Application Development Hotshot  Continue reading

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Neckbeard Republic gone completely free!

So guys I have a good news for you. If you keep up with latest news regarding Python then  you might have heard about Neckbeard Republic in the past. If you haven’t then let me tell you that Neckbeard Republic is a series of bite sized Python screen-casts created by the awesome Mahdi. It used to be paid. Continue reading

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ImportError: No module named resource_rc

Hi there folks. How are you? Recently I was using Qt Designer to design a GUI for one of my apps. After doing all the designing I saved my ui file and ran pyuic4 over it. Everything worked fine and I had a Python ui file created in my system. But when I tried to run the Python ui file I was confronted with an error. Continue reading

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Using py2exe the right way

Edit: I am developing a new blog in Python using Pelican. I have posted this post on that blog as well. Make sure that you visit that blog and offer any advice if you have.

Hi guys how are you? I hope all of you are fine. Recently I was working on a PyQt project. The project was youtube-dl-GUI. It is a GUI for the ever popular youtube-dl project. After writing all the code I decided to make an exe in order to ease the deployment of my project on windows. For this purpose Continue reading

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[Book review] Tkinter GUI Application Development HOTSHOT

Hi guys. You might have noticed that I am not so active. The reason is that I am developing a couple of my projects as a hobby. Due to that I didn’t have a lot of time to blog. Nevertheless I will continue to write interesting posts once or twice a week. So what this post is about? Well recently I was contacted by Packt Publishers to write a book review. Continue reading